Angkor Temple Tours

Temples visited under Angkor Temple Pass

Siem Reap has many temples around the city. All the temples form Angkor Archaeological Park. Generally, there are 1 and 3 day passes available for sale. A 1 day pass is US$37 and a 3 day pass is US$62.

Please refer to the following pages for more information on the different temple tours.

If you only have 1 day, I recommend doing the Mini Temple Tour. If you have 3 days, do all!


  1. Please dress appropriately when visiting the temples (no sleeveless top or shorts).
  2. To see the sunrise at Angkor Wat, there will be an extra charge of US$10 and the pick up will be 4.45am from your hotel on the Mini Temple Tour. Please get your hotel to pack your breakfast for you.
  3. If you would like a tour guide to bring you around the temples, there will be an extra charge of US$35 to US$70 depending on the language (e.g. English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish) per day.
  4. In Cambodia, USD notes are acceptable everywhere. Just ensure that your notes are clean, not torn and in relatively new condition.
  5. There is no payment online for my tours, you will pay me directly when you meet me.